Love Life Week (May 2-8)

We will be participating in a week of prayer and a Saturday prayer-walk centered around the sanctity of life.

First, some tragic truth of which it is good for us all to be aware. Did you know that abortion is the leading cause of death in America? Not cancer, not heart disease, but abortion. 17,000+ babies are killed every single week in our country! In some states, those abortions are happening legally up to the very moment before birth. Did you know that statistics show 1 in 4 women will have an abortion in their lifetime, and that 73% of those who have abortions identify as “Christian.” Lastly, did you know that the clinic on Latrobe Dr. in Charlotte is the largest and busiest site for abortions in the entire Southeast (including those in Atlanta, Miami, etc.)?

The church can step into this darkness with the light and love of Christ in many ways; prayer, support of local pregnancy care centers, by loving and supporting pregnant mothers in the community, by sharing the love and forgiveness available in Jesus with those who have already had an abortion, and so on. Another big way is by coming together with an organization called Love Life.

Over 5 years ago, Love Life began in Charlotte with a mission of uniting and mobilizing the church to create a culture of love and life that will bring an end to abortion and the orphan crisis. Love Life comes alongside local churches who are led to hear the tragic truth, engage in focused prayer and fasting as a body, and then go prayer walk at the clinic itself. We have an opportunity coming up to do just that!

On Sunday, May 2nd, we will “launch” our Love Life week. You will be given some informative details about the following week. You will be asked to take time throughout that week to pray about the tragedy of abortion in our country and right here in our area. There will be a call on Wednesday, May 5th, of that week to fast and pray alongside hundreds of other churches for the the mothers and fathers, the babies, the clinic workers and owners, and so on. And then on Saturday, May 8th, we will gather as a church body from 9-11am on Latrobe Drive in Charlotte for a time of corporate worship and to prayer walk with others.

Here is a snapshot of what God has done over the last 5 years through churches partnered with Love Life:
– For 40 Saturdays each year, prayer walkers have gathered at Latrobe and other clinics in Greensboro, Raleigh, and other places across the country. Over 80,000+ prayer walkers have participated!
– Going on 500 churches have partnered with Love Life.
– There has been a 70% drop in abortions on Wednesdays (the day of fasting each week) and Saturdays (prayer walk days)!

We look forward to launching our week with Love Life on 5/2. If you have any questions between now and then, please ask! You may also wish to research Love Life by visiting their website: or following them on social media: @lovelifeusa on Facebook and Twitter, and @lovelife_usa on Instagram.

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Hourly Schedule

Prayer Walk - Sat., May 8

9:00 am - 11:00 pm
Prayer Walk
Latrobe Drive in Charlotte for a time of corporate worship and to prayer walk with others.


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Pastor Nathan Wallace